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Secure your network with WeConfig

Did you know WeConfig can automatically backup all WeOS devices on a network once a day and highlight the differences if someone has tried to make changes to the configuration to allow a Cyber-attack?

WeConfig can automatically back up every device in the current project at an interval determined by the customer. The backup is compared to the default save for each device to look for changes to the configuration.

Changes to the configuration of a device are often the first signs of an all-out attack on an installation.  A kind of softening up of the target before the main attack takes place. Detecting the changes is the first step in intrusion detection and preventing a full assault on the network. The changes can be small;

  • A change to a firewall rule
  • Adding a port to a VLAN
  • Opening an insecure configuration protocol

The changes will be detected automatically after a backup and an alarm is raised that the configuration has changed.


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