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Voice over IP

Voice over IP


Innovaphone - VoIP

innovaphone AG is an independent supplier of IP telephony solutions. Many years of development has enabled innovaphone to have a wide range of technically sound products that have been proven time and again in practical applications.  The products range from simple telephones over large gateways to variously applicable software solutions. They can be joined together to make customised solutions. This is especially valid for IT environments which have grown over years to become very different heterogeneous environments. You will find here valuable information as well as some selected and representative scenarios in order to give to you an idea of the variety of potential solutions.

Standard conformity
All innovaphone solution components are constantly based on the two manufacturer neutral signalling standards H.323/H.450 and SIP. Standard conformity brings three substantial advantages for users:
  1. Manufacturer independence: VoIP gateways from innovaphone can be combined with any VoIP terminals which are also standard based. Furthermore the solutions are especially suitable for integration in heterogeneous telephony environments – both traditional based as well as IP based.
  2. Smooth migration: A gradual transfer from fixed line telephony to "Voice over IP" is possible as all solution steps are standard conform. This so-called "smooth migration" scenario enables existing PBXs to be used further. The usual features (e.g. Caller name display, call back on busy, call re-routing) remain also in the pan-technology internetworking. Connecting the "innovaphone PBX" to the traditional PBX takes place using ISDN-Protocol QSIG.
  3. Protection of investment: Standard conformity enables manufacturer independence and the option of a "smooth" technology changeover. Together these mean  highest protection of investment for the user from an economicpoint of view.
  4. Scalability: innovaphone products can always by extended to enable new, larger systems without wasting money already invested in equipment.
The VoIP gateways form the basis for the innovaphone PBX and are "stand alone boxes" which work in the company network completely independent of servers and PC software. This means availability is excellent and fail safety of the "innovaphone PBX" is ensured. All that is needed to make a phone call is electricity and a functional switch. In addition each device can be configured redundantly in a local or wide area network so that automatic takeover will take place should one device fail for some reason. This is the only way to guarantee maximum system availability. In addition almost all innovaphone PBX products have two separate ethernet connectors for redundant networks and they also nearly all support "Power over LAN" if required. 
Scalability and flexibility
All the scenarios you can possibly think of can be realised with innovaphone’s VoIP solutions –starting with connecting individual home offices to complex enterprise scenarios with 20,000 users. innovaphone can play off its special strengths with the realisation of solution scenarios across all locations.


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