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VoIP gateways

Innovaphone IP6010

The gateway IP6010 corresponds to the largest configuration of innovative gateways and is suitable for very large PBX or central branch in operation. It supports Einschleifbetrieb two PRI lines into existing systems or for local redundancy.

Innovaphone IP800

The VoIP gateway IP800 is the gateway for ISDN BRI lines from the innovaphone product family. It combines IP telephony with the traditional telephone network via ISDN up to five lines. If used as a basis for innovative IP800 PBX, you can manage up to 200 extensions to the system.

Innovaphone IP3010

IP3010 is a gateway for a PRI connection with 12 additional channels for teleconferences. It also provides a BRI port for remote administration or a local ISDN telephone.

Innovaphone IP305

The IP305 is a PBX and a VoIP gateway for small to medium sized businesses with up to 50 participants. The unit operates on 2 ISDN lines up to 4 simultaneous calls to the traditional telephone network.

Innovaphone IP1060

The IP1060 is a pure media gateway. It has two PRI ports that can be licensed individually as usual. The innovative PBX can not be operated on the IP1060. Likewise, it is not usable as an application platform.

Innovaphone IP302

The IP302 is a compact PBX and VoIP gateway for smaller installations with two integrated analog ports. It is ideally suited for use in small and medium-sized branches, which are integrated into a larger IP network.

Innovaphone IP0010

The IP0010 is designed for an innovative PBX to the IP provider without a transition to the traditional telephone network. This gateway can be used as a conference server with up to 60 channels.

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