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Serial Device Servers

MOXA NPort W2150/2250 Plus

1 and 2-port RS-232/422/485 IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless device servers

MOXA NPort 5130

1-port RS-422/485 serial device servers

Westermo L208-F2G-S2

Lynx DSS is available in two versions, L208-F2G-S2 is a device server with a layer 3 industrial Ethernet switch, powered by the Westermo WeOS network operating system. Lynx DSS is the most compact and has the lowest power requirements in this class of device servers. Lynx DSS has 4 10/100 Mbit/s ports in addition to 2 ports which can be fitted with Gbit or 100 Mbit SFP transceivers. One of the two serial ports is configured for RS-232 the other one can be configured for RS-232 or RS-422/485.

MOXA NPort 5430 Series

4-port RS-422/485 serial device servers

MOXA NPort P5150A Series

1-port PoE RS-232/422/485 serial device servers

MOXA NPort IA5000A Series

1, 2, and 4-port serial device servers for industrial automation

MOXA NPort 5650 Rackmount Series

8 and 16-port RS-232/422/485 serial device servers

MOXA NPort 5150

1-port RS-232/422/485 serial device servers


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