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Rackmount Ethernet Switches

MOXA IKS-6726 Series

24+2G-port Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches

Westermo MRI-128-F4G

The MRI-128-F4G is a 28-port managed Ethernet switch with a flexible port setup options. The 24 10/100BaseT ports are ideal for local equipment connections whilst the 4 Gigabit combo ports can be used for a ring solution with uplink connections. The switch is manufactured with 4 combo ports- RJ-45 10/100/1000 BaseT copper connections that are bypassed when 1000 Base-X SFPs are mounted giving the user great configuration flexibility.

MOXA IKS-6524/6526 Series

24 and 24+2G-port rackmount managed Ethernet switches

Westermo MRI-128-F4G-PSE

The i-line MRI-128-F4G-PSE series is a rack mount high port density PoE switch, designed for critical and large-scale PoE applications such as real time IP video surveillance with high resolution quality and the evolving wireless communication systems such as Wimax and 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point

MOXA PM-7200 Series

Gigabit and fast Ethernet modules for PT and IKS series switches

Fast Ethernet

MOXA IKS-6726-8PoE Series

24+2G-port Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches with 8 PoE ports

MOXA IKS-G6524 Series

24G-port full Gigabit managed Ethernet switches

MOXA IKS-6324 Series

22+2G-port Gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switches

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