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Rack modems

Westermo RV-07B

The RV-07B is a 19" rack which can hold up to 16 Westermo TR-36B modems as well as two PS-20 power supplies. The rack is designed to harsh industrial standards in applications where a number of modems are required in the same location.

Westermo TR-36

The TR-36 is a rack based modem designed to meet industry demand for reliability and functionality in environments with high levels of electrical interference.

Westermo TR-36B

The TR-36B is an industrial rack based modem designed to allow cost effective and simple remote access to legacy serial industrial equipment. The AT command driven modem is capable of synchronising with a wide range of traditional modem negotiation standards providing data rates up to 33.6 kbit/s over both PSTN and 2- or 4-wire lease line circuits.

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