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Point to Point

Proxim Tsunami 8100 Series

World-Class Wireless System Delivering 4G Performance Today

Netronics NetStream 5x36

Native TDM wireless backhaul link for up to 36 Mbps (18 Mbps full duplex) and up to 4 x E1 Lines

Netronics NetLink H 2x300, 5x300 & 5x300D

NetLink H is an all-outdoor, high-performance solution with more effective throughput.

LightPointe AireLite Series

Single-Beam Laser Bridges, up to GigE Throughput

NetLink Multi Point Family

NetLink MP is a native point to multi point wireless networking solution designed for high throughput and high number of stations. This means it is not a point to point radio which is used in a point to multi point scenario, like many other point to multi point solutions.

Netronics NetStream 5802

Reliable and Cost Effective Broadband Access Solution

LightPointe AireStrata Series

4th generation Free Space Optics Bridge with 4-Beam Auto Tracking

Netronics NetStream 5x200

Native TDM wireless backhaul link for up to 200 Mbps (100 Mbps full duplex) and up to 16 x E1 Lines

LightPointe AireBeam 60 GHz Series

AireBeam G60 (60 GHz Point-to-Point Backhaul Solution)


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