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Lonworks Repeaters / Routers

Westermo LRW-112 / LRW-112PP

The LRW-112 router offers an easy way to extend the distance between LONWORKS 78 kbit/s TP/FT network segment using a high speed 1250 kbit/s backbone fibre optic network link. LRW-112 is based on the Echelon RTR-10 standard router core module, thus allowing standard configuration and installation using LonMaker and other LNS-based tools.

Westermo LRW-102/LRW-102PP

The LRW-102 is a fibre optic modem designed for multidrop and redundant ring applications. It acts as a repeater between the two fibre optic links and as a converter between LonWorks® networks and fibre optic link.

Designed by Alipix Creative Design Studio