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Industrial Ethernet Switches

MOXA IKS-6726-8PoE Series

24+2G-port Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches with 8 PoE ports

MOXA EDS-G308 Series

The EDS-G308 series is equipped with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and up to 2 fiber optic ports, making it ideal for applications that demand high bandwidth. The EDS-G308 series provides an economical solution for your industrial Gigabit Ethernet connection, and the built-in relay warning function alerts maintainers when power failures or port breaks occur. The EDS-G308 series includes 2 models: one with an operating temperature range of 0 to 60°C, and the other one with an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C.

MOXA EDS-828 Series

24+4G-port Layer 3 Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switch

Westermo MRI-128-F4G-PSE

The i-line MRI-128-F4G-PSE series is a rack mount high port density PoE switch, designed for critical and large-scale PoE applications such as real time IP video surveillance with high resolution quality and the evolving wireless communication systems such as Wimax and 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point

Westermo Viper 008

The Viper 008 is a rugged unmanaged Ethernet switch designed for applications with severe operating conditions and extreme environments. The Viper 008 meets the EN 50155 standard for electronic equipment used in railway applications.

Lynx+ L210-F2G

The Lynx 210 is a layer 3 industrial Ethernet switch, powered by the Westermo WeOS network operating system. Lynx is the most compact and has the lowest power requirements in this class of switch. Lynx has 8 10/100 Mbit/s ports in addition to 2 ports which can be fitted with Gbit or 100 Mbit SFP transceivers.

MOXA EDS-G205 Series

5G-port full Gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switches

MOXA EDS-608/611/616/619 Series

8, 8+3G, 16, 16+3G-port compact modular managed Ethernet switches

Westermo SDI-541

Unmanaged 5-port Ethernet Fibre Switch

Westermo RedFox RFI-18

The RedFox is a high performance industrial Ethernet switch with enhanced routing functionality, in a single robust box. A single RedFox allows you to build cost effective, secure and reliable networks that would previously have required several different units.


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