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Industrial Device Connectivity

MOXA TN-5516 Series

The ToughNet TN-5516 series M12 managed Ethernet switches are designed for industrial applications in harsh environments.

MOXA IMC-101G Series

Industrial Gigabit Ethernet to fiber media converter


5 dBi/37cm,magnetic SMA quad-band antenna,2.5m (impedance=50 ohms),3m

MOXA CN2500 Series

8 and 16-port RS-232 terminal servers


4-port RS-232/422/485 PC/104 modules

Westermo RM-80

Wireless Ethernet Access point and Client

Westermo SDI-862

8-port Ethernet Fibre Switch

MOXA EDS-205A/208A Series

5 and 8-port unmanaged Ethernet switches

Westermo RedFox RFI-10-F4G-T4

RedFox is designed for industrial application with many functions designed for easy use. The high bandwidth design allows for up to 8 Gbit ports as well as having other ports that can deliver 10/100 Mbit. The RedFox is powered by WeOS (Westermo Operating System) which is our cross platform solution providing strong future proofing and ease of use.

MOXA OnCell 5004/5104

Industrial quad-band GSM/GPRS cellular routers


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