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Filed Bus

MOXA SMG-1100 Series

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in GPRS/EDGE cellular communication
  • Frequency bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz supported

Westermo FD-40

Fieldbus converter FD-40, allows the integration of devices that only have serial RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces with PROFIBUS DP. FD-40 acts as a PROFIBUS DP slave module and uses PROFIBUS DP I/O-data to create a transparent connection to the serial interface. FD-40 can be used to integrate a great many different types of equipment, for example, measurement instruments, electronic scales, operator terminals, printers, identification systems, barcode readers and other automation equipment with an RS-232 or RS-485 interface into PROFIBUS DP-applications.

MOXA MGate MB3170, MB3270

The MB3170 and MB3270 are advanced Modbus gateways that provide maximum flexibility for integrating industrial Modbus networks of all types and sizes.

MOXA CP-602E-I Series

2-port CAN interface PCI Express board with 2 KV isolation

Westermo AD-01

AD-01 is an industrial adapter for M-Bus communication.AD-01 is a flexible product for building of M-Bus networks.The unit is equipped with two RS-232/V.24 interfaces, one M-Bus master and one M-Bus slave interface.The AD-01 can be configured for a number of applications.

MOXA CP-602U-I Series

2-port CAN Interface Universal PCI board with 2 KV isolation

Westermo LRW-102/LRW-102PP

The LRW-102 is a fibre optic modem designed for multidrop and redundant ring applications. It acts as a repeater between the two fibre optic links and as a converter between LonWorks® networks and fibre optic link.

Moxa SMG-6100 Series

Smart machine-to-machine gateway with 4 Ethernet ports, VGA,USB, IPsec


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