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DIN-Rail Computers

MOXA IA240 / IA241

RISC-based Industrial Computer with 4 Serial Ports, 4 DI Channels, 4 DO Channels, Dual Ethernet, PCMCIA, SD, and USB Host

MOXA IA261-I / 262-I

RISC-based fanless computers with 2 or 4 optically isolated serial ports, dual LANs, VGA, CAN, DIO, CompactFlash, USB


RISC-based fanless embedded computer with 2 serial ports, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, 2 AIs, 2 thermocouples, dual LANs, SD, Linux


RISC-based fanless embedded computers with 4 serial ports, dual LANs, VGA, DIO, CompactFlash, USB

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