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RedFox RFI-10

The RedFox is a high performance industrial Ethernet switch with enhanced routing functionality, in a single robust box. A single RedFox allows you to build cost effective, secure and reliable networks that would previously have required several different units.

Westermo ODW-621

The ODW-621 is a fibre optic modem designed for point to point fibre optic applications between devices with an RS-232 interface.The ODW-621 is designed for harsh industrial usage as well as road or railway installations meeting industrial level EMC specifications and having a wide operating temp

Westermo MCI-211G

The Westermo MCI-211G is an industrial Gigabit Ethernet media converter. It has a rugged aluminum alloy case with IP-31 grade ingress protection as well as providing excellent heat dissipation characteristics. The MCI-211G can operate over a wide voltage input range.

Wolverine DDW-220

The DDW-220 can be used to extend Ethernet networks over existing copper cables in point-to-point or line sharing applications. Point-to-point transmission distances of up to 10 km can be achieved with data-rates of 5.7 Mbit/s possible over shorter distances on a single copper pair.

Westermo RM-90

Wireless Ethernet Access point and Client

Westermo L208-F2G-S2

Lynx DSS is available in two versions, L208-F2G-S2 is a device server with a layer 3 industrial Ethernet switch, powered by the Westermo WeOS network operating system. Lynx DSS is the most compact and has the lowest power requirements in this class of device servers. Lynx DSS has 4 10/100 Mbit/s ports in addition to 2 ports which can be fitted with Gbit or 100 Mbit SFP transceivers. One of the two serial ports is configured for RS-232 the other one can be configured for RS-232 or RS-422/485.

Westermo MR-210

Remote access removes boundaries, eliminates the need for time consuming site visits and provide a network infrastructure suitable for today’s “always-on” society. The MR-210 mobile broadband GPRS / EDGE router uses the Internet to cost effectively inter-connect systems, allowing HMI, PLCs, sensors etc to communicate with each other.

Westermo TD-36, RS-485

The TD-36 485 is designed to function reliably within industrial environments and in areas of high level interference. The modem has an RS-232 and RS-422/485 interface supporting terminal data rates up to 115 kbit/s.

Westermo AD-01

AD-01 is an industrial adapter for M-Bus communication.AD-01 is a flexible product for building of M-Bus networks.The unit is equipped with two RS-232/V.24 interfaces, one M-Bus master and one M-Bus slave interface.The AD-01 can be configured for a number of applications.


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