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Netronics Technologies ® is a leading designer and manufacturer of networking and communications equipment based in Ontario, Canada. Our product portfolio consists of data and voice communications and networking equipment based on the latest radio, laser and wireless communication technologies.

Since 1996, Netronics Communications, a subsidiary of Netronics Technologies, have provided its market with high quality and highly reliable carrier class equipment serving the different market sectors from large government organizations, to enterprises in oil and gas and banking sector, to telecom service providers, and down to small Internet service providers.

Netronics is a one stop shop for wireless communications and voice/data transmission equipment needed for today's bandwidth thirsty market.

Netronics has successfully leveraged its technical knowledge in provision of connectivity to urban and rural areas in many developing countries, where wireless communications is the most suitable connectivity solution.

Netronics has been able to use WiFi, WiMAX and laser technologies to offer a complete range of connectivity solutions with suitable products for applications in different sizes and functionalities.

Our rich portfolio includes the performance leading NetMAX, the complete WiMAX solution with migration path from WiFi to WiMAX. The most complete set of supported frequencies, a wide range of CPEs and provision of equipment in both TDD and FDD technologies, along with the market leading Non-Line of Site performance have turned NetMAX into a suitable solution for different applications of the WiMAX technology.

Radio network planning in a professional manner is possible using NET, the intelligent radio planning tool. It supports automatic selection of base station locations, optimization on sector directions and intelligent channel allocation techniques.

The high throughput and extremely reliable NetLink F series made it possible for our clients to provide high availability high speed solutions to their users with one of the best price/performance ratios in the market.



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