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Moxa Railway CCTV

Any Scene, Any View, Any Condition

IP-based CCTV systems are becoming an absolute requirement for metro operations. Effective video surveillance protects passenger safety and makes metro operations more efficient, which has led to increased investment in onboard IP CCTV systems. These systems have expanded in scope and reach, and cameras and NVR computing platforms are now being deployed in more and more locations throughout the train. These new video surveillance applications have introduced important new IP video requirements: as IP cameras and computers are deployed in more and more locations onboard a train, there is a corresponding increase in the performance, reliability, and design requirements for those IP cameras and computers.

New Locations and New Requirements for Onboard IP CCTV

  • More cameras with different form factors and easy installation for different locations on the trains
  • Crystal-clear image quality in a wide dynamic range of dark and light environments
  • High performance video streams for smooth video surveillance

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