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LightPointe Aire X-Stream

The Aire X-Stream delivers full line speed of Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbps) for the most speed/time-intensive networks.

Aire X-Stream is raw, unadulterated Gigabit capacity power channeled through four 4th generation laser beams, without the unnecessary overhead found in other transmission systems.Aire X-Stream provides faster-than-fiber and faster-than-radio performance for applications requiring the ultimate in transmission speed. Equipment latency is so low—and the speed-of-light performance advantages of Free Space Optics transmission are so great—that an Aire X-Stream signal traveling at 300,000 km/s through the air will outrun a fiber optics cable signal traveling at 200,000 km/s in less than 20 meters. And in another example, when compared to traditional Layer 2 radio frequency bridges with ~50 microseconds equipment latency on the transmission side alone, light can travel 10 miles before the RF signal even leaves the Layer 2 radio! The design of the Aire X-Stream is so advanced, the units on each side of a link, combined, add less than 1% delay to the speed-of-light transmission—at one mile!And unlike fiber optic cable runs, which are typically 150 to 200% of the line of site distance in order to follow or go around natural and man-made obstacles, this bridge simply transmits straight from point A to B, thus leading to additional speed advantages over fiber optics technology. And these high velocity laser bridges can be "daisy chained" back-to-back for long distances and to overcome line-of-sight issues. 


  • 1.25 Gbps, full-duplex for distances of up to 1000 meters.
  • Field proven Quad-Beam System Architecture (4 Tx & 4 Rx).
  • Standard/Primary Data Interface is copper RJ45 GigE, which provides easy installation for most sites.
  • Auto Tracking via unique Multi Beam Array Tracking (MBAT) Technology.
  • Automatic Gain Control.
  • Maximized optical performance via Optical Beam Shaping (OBS).
  • Immune to interference.
  • License-free worldwide.
  • Built-in telescope for easy targeting.
  • Built-in status LEDs & signal strength meter for easy alignment.
  • Built-in heater/lens defroster.

Designed by Alipix Creative Design Studio