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innovaphone PBX IP Telephony & VOIP

The innovaphone PBX is a well-engineered VoIP telephone system. Together with appropriate software, it forms the basis for modern Unified Communication solutions from one source. The solutions are perfectly tailored to suit any size of company and can be extended practically at will. Software and hardware are always perfectly coordinated. Within the innovaphone PBX, there are terminals suitable for any kind of use – from simple to complex scenarios, from stationary to mobile. Integration of non VoIP terminals is also possible. Existing software can be integrated over standardised interfaces, enabling the innovaphone PBX to fit seamlessly into any heterogeneous environment. VoIP with innovaphone enables new and varied possibilities which would hardly have been conceivable with traditional telephony.

Consistent scalability

Even more exact scalability of the telephone systems is possible as the number of available gateways increases. The additional possibility of implementation in a VMware environment vastly extends deployment possibilities for providers and PBX hosting providers. An individual innovaphone PBX package can be tailored to meet the exact conditions of any company – never over-sized, but just right with room to grow, as necessary. All features are always available. Using the same firmware for all innovaphone products also brings advantages for technicians and administrators, saving time and costs for training.

Maximum security

The innovaphone PBX can be protected by all the usual security features. Passwords can be managed centrally and can be linked with the login data from the Active Directory. Login data is therefore personal and not device-bound. Administration can be undertaken centrally thanks to the link to the Active Directory. This increases convenience especially in large organizations with many terminals, as a central password can be used for all devices instead of having to enter an individual password into each device. Maximum protection against all types of attacks can be reached on the innovaphone PBX if all security mechanisms are used in the correct way. Protocols such as SRTP or TLS are also available for voice data encryption.

Mobility for professionals

The innovaphone PBX can be extended with a mobility module. This enables mobile phones to be integrated easily into the PBX. Thus a mobile phone can use the features of the PBX as a subscriber and is recognised as an internal subscriber. If the subscriber is called on his company extension number, not only his fixed line telephone will ring, but also his mobile phone. Another software module available on the market allows outgoing calls to be made so that the person being called sees the company extension number on his display and not the mobile number. The module enables convenient dialling from the mobile phone directory and ensures that all calls are directed over and listed by the innovaphone PBX. The presence status of the subscriber is also visible in the innovaphone PBX.

PBX in the cloud – PBX as a service

The innovaphone PBX can be installed on a PC as a Virtual Appliance (IPVA) in a VMware environment. Especially providers of centralised telephone systems such as PBX hosting providers and other service providers benefit from Virtual Appliance. As the solution does not entail a high initial investment, the solution is particularly attractive for newcomers to the market and the solutions can be extended from small scenarios to any size. Installing a new customer solution entails just setting up a PBX in a new VMware entity, no other instruction is necessary. It is easy to learn how to use the special features which can also be pre-allocated to freely programmable function keys. Individual customer PBXs are securely separate from each other, and can be managed and billed easily.

As an alternative to the innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA), the PBX can also run on the gateway. In this case, the innovaphone PBX’s multi-client capability is important for a hosted PBX solution. It enables several virtual and independent PBXs for different customers to be run on one and the same device. The virtual PBXs can be added or deleted dynamically – without having to reboot the hardware.

Displaying presence

A presence feature is included in the innovaphone PBX as part of the Unified Communications solution. It enables the PBX subscriber’s calling status to be displayed on the telephone. The feature is available under both SIP and H.323 protocols. The presence feature works on all terminals, including the SoftwarePhone. The PBX manages the presence information itself. Within a PBX, it is possible for subscribers to set their current presence status on the telephone by selecting the appropriate availability information from a list and, if necessary, by inputting additional text. The presence feature is especially of interest for branch enterprises as it works across all company locations thus significantly increasing communication efficiency. The additional feature of SIP Federation enables messaging and presence to be used beyond the company borders. This enables business partners to also exchange their current status information or text messages.

Components of the innovaphone PBX

innovaphone VoIP gateways serve as the interface to other networks, at the same time forming the hardware platform for the innovaphone PBX. The innovaphone PBX software is pre-installed on the devices and can be activated easily with the appropriate license key. The various gateways have different types and numbers of interfaces which can also be activated using licenses. Any number of gateways can work together as a network for larger installations across multiple locations.



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