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Innovaphone IP28

The IP adapter IP28 provides eight analog interfaces for the innovaphone PBX. These interfaces can be used for any similar devices are used, among other phones and fax machines. Especially for the stable transmission, the fax Fax over IP T.38 PROTOCOL is supported on all channels. In the context of a modern telephone system are still a number of specialized devices that require an analog connection. In addition to fax machines, there are phones with special features such as explosion-proof enclosure or specially equipped for disabled users.

For a smooth migration to advanced VoIP technology can bring significant benefits, a step in which the already installed Endegr├Ąte will continue to be used. If the availability of the network is still not universally given, but the analog two-wire line is present, it can still be used. The IP adapter IP28 can be connected to a central location to realize the transition to innovative PBX and is also already new features for the devices, a an extremely high port density saves space and energy, when two IP28 adapter in a single rack in a 19-inch " system a total of 16 ports operate simultaneously. Despite the high density of analogue interfaces is also this adapter with no fan or other rotating parts designed and thus offers a high degree of reliability. The power supply is, as with almost everything innovaphone devices, either via power adapter or Power over Ethernet (Class 3) are offered.


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