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Innovaphone IP22

The IP adapter IP22 provides two analogue interfaces for the innovaphone PBX. These interfaces can be used for any similar devices are used, among other phones and fax machines. Especially for the stable transmission, the fax Fax over IP T.38 PROTOCOL is supported on all channels.

The IP adapter IP22 is ideally suited to remote devices in the innovative analog PBX to integrate. The small IP-adapter has one or two analog interfaces and can be remotely powered via Power over Ethernet. The box can either be free-standing, flat against the wall or be incorporated into a 19-inch rack system.

Also, analog phones and special phones with analog interface can be connected over the IP adapter IP22. Thus, the innovative features of the PBX continues to be available, you can work with other combinations of control characters. For example, call waiting and switching is possible even with simple equipment.


Designed by Alipix Creative Design Studio