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Innovaphone IP1202

The IP1202 gateway implements an extension to the innovative PBX to IP-DECT-compatible handsets. It is a combined system with the gateway and the DECT base station in a housing.

The IP1202 is an IP-DECT gateway to expand the innovative PBX for DECT compatible subscribers. It can be used to build very complex IP-DECT systems. Due to the multi-cell capacity of the base station IP1202 Multiple units can be installed, which operate between automatic roaming and handover. One base station supports up to 8 parallel channels.

The system is designed for IP-page perfect SIP and H.323 compatible. It supports multiple codecs and echo cancellation for voice compression. On the DECT GAP and CAP site is compatibility. Particularly suitable, however, the IP61 and IP63 handsets innovaphone.


Designed by Alipix Creative Design Studio