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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Environmental monitoring is the process of collecting specified environmental data from remote sites and then processing and analyzing the characteristics of these specified events. Essentially, environmental monitoring is used for the prediction/prevention of the environmental impact in which nature's activities carry a risk of harmful effects to humans, earthquakes and floods for example, and vice versa.

I/Os are strategically placed at the sites and through modern GPRS, the I/Os can seamlessly send data and be remotely monitored from a control center. Moxa's ioLogik I/O has a report-by-exception feature: Only when a pre-define activity/event is triggered will the ioLogik send out an alarm message.

1. Active Ethernet IO server makes automated parking more efficient

Active Ethernet IO server makes automated parking more efficient

One characteristic shared by all modern cities is the need to provide its citizens with an adequate number of parking lots. Although most automated parking lots alert drivers to the number of empty spaces that are available, it can still be quite frustrating to search for a parking space once you enter a large parking lot.

Moxa Solution

A particular solution provider is using MOXA's Active Ethernet I/O products to implement an automated parking system that makes it easier for drivers to find parking spaces. The solution uses one ioLogik E2210 for each section of the parking lot, and a distance sensor for each parking space. In addition, they also use Click&Go logic, which requires very little learning effort, to implement simple control logic. In effect, a light turns on automatically when the space is empty. When a space is occupied, the light turns off.
The system may sound simple, but it gives drivers a big advantage by making it easy to identify which spaces are empty. As you might imagine, drivers only need to spend a few minutes to locate an empty space.


Ethernet Micro RTU Controller with 12 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs


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