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Beijer - iX Developer Software Update

iX New drivers:


Vigor VS

Delta Tau

iX Updated drivers:

20998: Corrected problem when importing certain BIT variables.
16673: Corrected issue when connecting to a Turck PLC.
13711: Added support for activating/deactivating stations.
13504: Added support for station indexing.

CoDeSys Direct access
21626, 20027: Corrected problems when importing from later versions of CoDeSys.
19563: Corrected issue when importing enumerations.

Beckhoff ADS Symbolic
19811: Corrected issue when using poll groups.
20048: Corrected problem when adding addresses longer than 80 characters.

Fatek Facon
19229: Changed write command byte for bit tags.

Regin Exoline
19670: Updated help file.
18818: Added support for TCP communication.

Exter New drivers:


Exter updated drivers:

Modicon Modbus Master
18640: Corrected issue with clock sync.

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